Odia Quote-Sathik Rastare Chaliba

ସଠିକ ରାସ୍ତାରେ ଚାଲିବା ନିଶ୍ଚୟ ଟିକେ କଷ୍ଟକର ହୋଇଥାଏ  

କିନ୍ତୁ ସେ ରାସ୍ତାରେ କେହି ଆପଣଙ୍କୁ ହରାଇ ଦବ ଏ ଡର  ନଥାଏ 

Odia Quotes Sathik

Sathik Rasta Re Chaliba Nischaya Kastakara Hoithae,

Kintu Se Rastare Kehi Apapnanku Harae Daba A Dara Nathe

Odia 2 Line Quotes

Odia Quote Sathik:- This Odia Quote is About Trueness.In This Odia Quote We Learn That Chossing a Right Path May b Difficuilt for Us.But In This Way No-one Can Blame You and there is no Fear To Be Wrong.

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